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Website Updates

More information on the ins and outs of this new design from the current volunteer maintaining the site.

Why a new design?

The old design has been in place since I started to volunteer to handle the website back in 2013/2014. My goal at the time was to create something that everyone could contribute to as well as experiment a bit in web design with php which I hadn’t used before. Those plans never really took off and because the old design was a bit stale, I decided to streamline the site a bit to make it easier to maintain and keep information up to date for the neighborhood.

How is the site maintained?

I am a coder by nature. In order to keep costs as low as possible for the PPOA, we have opted to go with the lowest tier web hosting. We don’t have all the bells and whistles of other higher end sites (which our hosting company loves to remind us about), but it is just as easy for me to edit the html code directly as needed.

Why isn't the site updated more often?

Please remember that all positions in the PPOA are volunteer positions and we do our best to share news as it relates to the PPOA when we can. We thank you for your patience as we evolve to find the best way to get news out to you and welcome any contributions to both the website and how the board works overall.

I love this design... how did you do you up with it?

I had a little help. I'm a developer, but my actual web design is a bit tough for me. I started this design from a free web template online and tweaked the code to fit our needs. If you are interested, credit where credit is due, started with a design from Take a look if you are interested in playing around.

I hate this design... how do I give feedback?

Please send any feedback to I look forward to any suggestions or offers to help improve the site, It is the neighborhood site after all. This is a volunteer position so I can't ensure I have time for everything, but I will do my best.

How will neighborhood wide emails be sent out?

The old website ran a basic php email process when new information was added to the site, though it was home grown and not very secure if someone choose to exploit it. The webmaster will work with the board to identify the best method, but for now, updates will be mailed with the address from We thank you for your understanding as we work to the most efficent method of communication while keeping costs to a minimum.

How long does it take to answer mail sent to

I wholeheartedly apologize for not monitoring the webmaster mail more often. Part of having the bare one hosting service is we get the clunky mail client that one has to go out of our way to check. I have a better link to email now and will try to do better.

What about the other mailing addresses for the board of directors?

We have mail forwarding put in place for certain accounts. This means that when you mail with questions, it'll goto the personal email of all the active board members. This way, your questions about the association in general will be seen.