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Whether you are a member, newcomer to the neighborhood, or just visiting, this website is intended to keep you informed of the news and activities happening in the neighborhood as well as give all visitors a little virtual tour of our beautiful neighborhood, so please enjoy.

P.P.O.A. Annual Members Meeting

The PPOA Annual member's meeting is open to all residents of the PPOA. This is the time of year that the annual budget, plans and events that will take effect over the next year are discussed and voted on. Each paid household recieves one vote on matters up for discussion, but al are welcome to participate in sharing their ideas.

PPOA Annual Meeting:
Sunday, May 4th
3pm in the Lodge

Featured News:

Asssociation Dues and Fees Discussions

All residents of Pinecrest were mailed a letter from the board president regarding the conversations around the idea of raising dues from 18 dollars for all homeowners as listed in our Deeds. An offical proposal and vote will be taken at the May 4th 2014 annual meeting, but until then the board has been discussion options and invite the community to present their ideas, thoughts or questions at the monthly board meetings or through email by emailing the board at board@ppoa.info

For those who may have missed the mailing for any reason,or those of you who would like to read it again, the letter has now been posted here

Letter from the Board of Directors 2014

Whats Happening in Pinecrest

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The Bears Are Back

2014-03-28 05:57:01
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

It would appear that Spring is finally starting to show and with that, our yearly bear sighting!

The latest sighting was in a yard near Seminole and Chicopee. As always, watch your bird feeders as the majority of the sightings seem to be knocking them over.

Though we have not have issues short of bird feeders being munched on, we want to remind everyone to use caution and common sense if you happen to see our furry neighbor.

Second Informational Meeting Planned - March 4th 7pm

2014-02-13 09:10:23
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

A second informational meeting regarding changes to the covenants (altering association fees) is planned for March 4th at 7pm at the ppoa lodge. This meeting is open to all members of the community whether you were able to attend the first one or not.

All are welcome to attend as the board continues to discuss the ideas in play for changing the association fees which will be up for a vote during the annual meeting. The board encourages all who can make it to learn what the board will propose and ask questions or propose other ideas.

First Informational Meeting Planned - February 4th 7pm

2014-01-25 05:52:26
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

The first informational meeting regarding changes to the covenants (altering association fees) is planned for February 4th at 7pm

All are welcome to attend as the board presents their proposal for changing the association fees which will be up for a vote during the annual meeting. The board encourages all who can make it to learn what the board will propose and ask questions.

A second informational meeting is also currently planned for March 4th at 7pm as well.

PPOA Fall cleanup - September 28th

2013-09-22 10:42:08
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

As the weather cools down it is time to pack up the beach and get the neighborhood ready for fall at the fall cleanup. All volunteers are welcome and any time donated is greatly appreciated

Fall cleanup will start at 9am on the beach on September 28 th

New ways to contact the board!

2013-05-20 06:41:03
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

In order to make communications easier, the PPOA has set up new forwarding email adresses. Please feel free to use the new adresses in contacting members of the board:

- For contacting the curent President: president@ppoa.info
- For contacting the whole board at once: board@ppoa.info
- For lodge rentals and questions: lodge@ppoa.info

New Play Set is Up and Ready at the Beach!

2013-05-20 06:35:01
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

The new play/swing set chosen by members at the Annual Meeting on May 5th is up and ready for use. Come on down and check it out, and bring the kids! And volunteers are needed for the Spring Clean-up on Sunday, May 19th at 9am. Help get our beach area ready for the season. Enjoy the summer in Pinecrest!

Your PPOA Board

Beach Resurfacing and Play Set Removal

2013-05-08 05:49:09
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

We have been very busy getting the beach ready for another summer season. After many years, the old play set was in disrepair, wood finally rotting through. In anticipation of a decision on replacement of the set at the upcoming Annual Meeting, the old set was demolished in April. Thanks go to Brandon Buoniconti and his father Lance for volunteering to cut up the structure for removal, and to Kevin Hazel for removing the bulk of the wood. The remaining debris will be removed soon.

Rapidly losing beach surface to grass and ground cover, the board determined the beach area was in need of a more intensive resurfacing than volunteers have been able to accomplish at seasonal clean up events. Vegetation growth is not just unsightly but encourages geese grazing, which fouls the beach area and the water. Since this work would require use of equipment and several days of labor, it was beyond the scope of a volunteer effort and the project was put out for bids. The project was awarded to Sam Begin, Max Begin, and Brandon Buoniconti. The beach area was cleared of vegetation, raked, leveled, and 20 yards of new sand was delivered, spread, and smoothed over the new surface. The beach surface is ready for summer use, and grass is now confined to the area around the canoes. The 3 day project leaves the association with a newly expanded beach area, ready for a new play set and possibly even a beach volleyball court. The crew put in many hours of hard work, and responded enthusiastically to modifications requested by the board supervisor. The PPOA board would like to thank Sam, Max and Brandon for a professional job well done.

The resurfaced beach and recently cleaned pond are looking especially beautiful. Water levels are back to normal. Enjoy the summer in Pinecrest! Additional photos can be found under our Events Page.

Nancy Eichenberger
Pinecrest Property Owners Association

Web Site User Updates

2013-05-01 07:55:05
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

I would personally like to thank all those who have joined the PPOA website and who continue to give great feedback to how the site could be improved. Your input and patience are greatly appreciated and always welcome.
A number of users have joined the PPOA site with logins and they have been given access to post to the Community News, What’s Happening, and For Sale sections so I encourage all to help post information you feel may be of interest to the PPOA and community.
For those new to the site, we use a login to help keep malicious spammers from posting to our site. I am working to make this easier to use and more user friendly so look out in the coming future.

Thank you all,
PPOA Webmaster

Tree Removal at Cushman Pond

2013-05-01 07:34:20
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

Many thanks to Pinecrest volunteers who donated their time and equipment to remove a large tree and brush alongside the dam at Cushman Pond. Board director and project manager Bob Brooks provided equipment and expertise, aided by members Brandon Buoniconti, Kevin Hazel, John Day and Joe Day. One additional tree behind the dam will require professional removal due to its proximity to power lines. In accordance with recommendations by previous dam inspectors and by engineers at Tighe and Bond who are conducting the current evaluation of the dam at Cushman Pond, all trees and brush within a 20 yard radius of the dam must be removed. A downed tree near the dam risks destabilizing the soil at the base of the dam, and brush nearby harbors small burrowing animals, another source of destabilization. The state of Massachusetts Dam Safety Statute requires all dams be registered, inspected, regularly repaired and maintained. Additional photos can be found under our Events Page.

Nancy Eichenberger
Pinecrest Property Owners Association

Boat Damage at Cushman Pond

2013-04-18 09:51:46
Submitted by: Nancy Eichenberger

There was damage done over this past winter to some of the boats stored at Cushman Pond. It appears someone may have ridden over them on snowmobiles. One of the boats was damaged beyond repair and has already been removed. We ask that anyone having a watercraft at the beach please stop down and check on your boat or canoe. If necessary, please make repairs, or remove your damaged boat from the beach. Thank you for your cooperation.

PPOA Board of Directors