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Welcome to the PPOA of Hubbardston MA

Whether you are a member, newcomer to the neighborhood, or just visiting, this website is intended to keep you informed of the news and activities happening in the neighborhood as well as give all visitors a little virtual tour of our beautiful neighborhood, so please enjoy.

P.P.O.A. Board Meetings

Bring your issues, concerns, questions to us for discussion, or just come to listen and learn. We meet normally the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in the Lodge. Meetings generally last about 90 minutes.

Next Board Meeting:
Tuesday, February 5th
7pm in the Lodge

Featured News: Cushman Pond Preservation

The discussion on resolving the perennial Eutrophication problem continues. Following the success the Town of Harvard has had since 2006, it was unanimously decided to draw down Cushman pond this year. An annual draw down will do more than raking or harvesting as our primary means of controlling unwanted plant growth in our pond. Other measures include encouraging property owners to clear their respective shorelines and use non-toxic bio-degradable cleaning products and fertilizers in their homes and on their lawns respectively.

Members are invited to read the following documents linked below that helped this decision.

Pond Preservation: Town of Harvard
Pond Preservation: Practical Guide for New England Lake Preservation

Whats Happening in Pinecrest

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Notice of broken well line at the Lodge

2015-12-05 11:17:16
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

The Lodge well line is broken and we have to keep the water power off when the water is not being used. Otherwise the pump keeps cycling on and off which costs a lot of electricity and will eventually burn out the water pump and or motor causing further damage.

The repair options will be discussed at the next board meeting which has been changed to December 8th this month. The board appreciates your understanding.

-- PPOA Board

New ways to contact the board!

2013-05-20 06:41:03
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

In order to make communications easier, the PPOA has set up new forwarding email adresses. Please feel free to use the new adresses in contacting members of the board:

- For contacting the curent President: president@ppoa.info
- For contacting the whole board at once: board@ppoa.info
- For lodge rentals and questions: lodge@ppoa.info