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2015-08-15 04:53:02
Submitted by: Bambi Azarian

As shared with PPOA Board members in past, all of our land values are being negatively affected by the pond weed growth. Although I brought this matter to the Boards attention numerous times (and actively worked towards a solution as a past board member) it now seems necessary to let the entire membership know of this serious concern.

In past I had to request (and received) a written statement from the board (when marketing a fellow PPOA members property) re: how this problem was being addressed.

My property went under contract in the Spring - prior to weed growth - but due to failed buyers financing - had to be put back on the market recently with the growth now apparent. The past 2 showing agents gave feedback of: \"Buyer loved the house however she did not like the weeds in the pond. She is an avid swimmer. The beach did not interest her. When she buys waterfront she wants to swim off of her property\". Another agent shared her buyers reaction: \"Great house. Buyer did not like the condition of the pond and has made an offer on another house\".

Homeowner BOARDS OF DIRECTORS ARE CHARGED WITH SAFEGUARDING THEIR MEMBERS PROPERTY VALUES. Appears that this is not being done in our community and we are all going to/are paying the price.

I ask that a letter be POSTED ON THIS WEBSITE ASAP from the board clearly stating what is presently being done to control the weeds. Hopefully it will say more than the one received over a year ago which basically stated \"We are investigating dredging.\" Over 12 months has passed (and more weed growth has occurred).

All property owners will then be able refer agents or potential buyers to the boards official explanation posted on this site as to what is being done to eliminate/control the growth. Owners need to be assured that our board is ACTIVELY involved in a solution to this very real problem. Presume that the board members understand our concerns and also their responsibility to the property owners who have elected them.

In the meantime, if property owners are considering selling their property (waterfront or not) best to do it in early Spring or late Fall/Winter. Sellers are presently being \'held hostage’ by the weeds and the lack of action steps being taken surrounding the issue!

Thank you to the board for their anticipated cooperation.

Board meeting minutes never posted

2015-08-09 10:14:31
Submitted by: Jeffrey Musser

from the april minutes

P.S. For those of you who have been paying attention, the monthly meeting notes have been delayed in posting. PPOA by-laws state that monthly meeting minutes should be posted on the PPOA website (www.PPOA.info) no later than five days after the meeting. The Clerk humbly apologizes for not following that rule. Future postings will be timelier.

It is more than 1 month and five days since the July meeting, and still no minutes posted. Now it is time for the August minutes to be posted.

PPOA Beach Party - August 29th at 12:00

2015-07-13 09:05:37
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

When: Saturday, August 29th at 12:00

Join your neighbors for an end of summer beach party! The PPOA will supply the burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and soft drinks.

Please bring a side dish to share! BYOB.

Games by Kathy Airoldi to start after lunch followed by Bonfire and music after dark (feel free to bring your instruments)!

Please RSVP by Monday August 3rd at treasurer@ppoa.info with the number of adults and children attending.

See you there!

January 6th Board Meeting - Meeting Guest

2014-12-27 14:34:06
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

The PPOA\'s Financial Planner, Bob Lyons from Merrill Lynch will be attending the January 6th monthly board meeting. The agenda is to review our investment portfolio and answer any questions that may arise. All are welcome/encouraged to attend.

Fall Cleanup - Saturday September 27th

2014-09-26 05:30:16
Submitted by: PPOA Member

the annual fall cleanup will be held this Saturday the27th. We will be meeting at the beach at 9:00. Folks should bring rakes, clippers, etc to rake the beach and clear trails.

All are welcome and any time you can donate is appreciated

Signs of Spring on Cushman Pond

2014-04-26 12:16:06
Submitted by: Toni Bradley

So much activity on the pond - sure signs of spring even on cool rainy days.

Thursday Apr 24 - Several Mallards having a feeding frenzy with small fish near the surface. Hooded Mergansers diving for fish. And a lone Canada Goose - very unusual to see just 1 and not a pair.

Friday Apr 25 - Eight Common Mergansers diving and swimming all around the pond all day. Also Mallards and the smaller Hooded Mergansers. The Blue Heron soared over the pond several times, then stood sentry looking for lunch and dinner. Maybe an American Black Duck - but not sure if that\'s what it was. And the lone Canada Goose continues it\'s solo journey around the pond.

Saturday Apr 26 - Ducks do not mind the rain at all! Pond continues to be busy - even more Common Mergansers are diving. Mallards are around again, as are the really cute Hooded Mergansers. Two Blue Herons seem to be competing to stake out best food spots - several air chases to see who gets the \'best\' spot and who has to move. And the lone Canada Goose continues it\'s solo journey around the pond.

The Bears Are Back

2014-03-28 05:57:01
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

It would appear that Spring is finally starting to show and with that, our yearly bear sighting!

The latest sighting was in a yard near Seminole and Chicopee. As always, watch your bird feeders as the majority of the sightings seem to be knocking them over.

Though we have not have issues short of bird feeders being munched on, we want to remind everyone to use caution and common sense if you happen to see our furry neighbor.

Second Informational Meeting Planned - March 4th 7pm

2014-02-13 09:10:23
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

A second informational meeting regarding changes to the covenants (altering association fees) is planned for March 4th at 7pm at the ppoa lodge. This meeting is open to all members of the community whether you were able to attend the first one or not.

All are welcome to attend as the board continues to discuss the ideas in play for changing the association fees which will be up for a vote during the annual meeting. The board encourages all who can make it to learn what the board will propose and ask questions or propose other ideas.

First Informational Meeting Planned - February 4th 7pm

2014-01-25 05:52:26
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

The first informational meeting regarding changes to the covenants (altering association fees) is planned for February 4th at 7pm

All are welcome to attend as the board presents their proposal for changing the association fees which will be up for a vote during the annual meeting. The board encourages all who can make it to learn what the board will propose and ask questions.

A second informational meeting is also currently planned for March 4th at 7pm as well.

PPOA Fall cleanup - September 28th

2013-09-22 10:42:08
Submitted by: Brendon Toupense

As the weather cools down it is time to pack up the beach and get the neighborhood ready for fall at the fall cleanup. All volunteers are welcome and any time donated is greatly appreciated

Fall cleanup will start at 9am on the beach on September 28 th